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SMP for Density

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for hair density is a non-surgical treatment to enhance your hair’s perceived thickness. By meticulously placing pigment dots on the scalp, it emulates the appearance of natural hair follicles, resulting in a richer, denser look. This innovative procedure is suitable for both men and women experiencing hair thinning.

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SMP for density effectively conceals areas of thinning, providing a uniform, fuller appearance. It’s a versatile treatment, adaptable to various patterns of hair loss and suitable for all hair types.

Whether you’re experiencing diffused thinning or pattern baldness, SMP for density can restore visual balance and enhance your confidence, all whilst maintaining a natural appearance.

Am I suitable for Density treatment?

If you’re grappling with hair thinning and seek a non-invasive solution, you might be an ideal candidate for density SMP.

This treatment is tailored to individuals looking to enhance their hair’s appearance, regardless of hair type or loss pattern. A consultation with our experts will ascertain the most suitable approach for your unique needs.



Does Scalp Micropigmentation look real?

Scalp Micropigmentation will look incredibly real and virtually undetectable if performed by a highly skilled and experienced artist, and clients follow the suggested basic aftercare.

Is SMP a painful procedure?

This varies from person-to-person as everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some clients feel some minor discomfort and a scratchy sensation, yet others don’t feel anything at all.

How long does Scalp Micropigmentation last?

Completed treatments will last for 2-5 years and then require a “top-up” to keep the SMP looking fresh. Factors that can impact SMP fading can include differing skin types (oily/dry) and how these respond to environmental and individual factors such as exposure to UV and/or sun damage, age & your general health.

How long will the treatment take?

Typically for most clients and SMP treatments, you can expect 2-4 sessions, spaced out a minimum of 2 weeks apart. Each session will take approx. 2-4 hours depending on the area to be treated.

What is the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

Pricing depends on the type and amount of hair loss, but typical pricing ranges from £1,500 – £3,000. We recommend attending a free, no-obligation consultation so our team can evaluate your hair loss and provide a custom treatment plan and quote.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation the same as a tattoo?

The answer is NO. Scalp Micropigmentation is different than a traditional tattoo, with different techniques, equipment and pigments used.

Paul Clark, possibly the world's most experienced SMP artist

A true innovator in the world of SMP with a proven track record of awards and accolades. Paul is recognised and respected globally as a true pioneer and has treated over 6000 clients over the last 13 years, helping to restore hair confidence through his artistry.

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